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The Real 11 Scarily Subtle Clues You Have a Psycho Girlfriend


If you’re wondering if your girlfriend’s erratic behavior is a signal for psychosis or extreme clinginess, it’s probably a good reason to read on!

Everyone has a type. If you’re one of those people who needs to be in an extremely dependent relationship, then this article may not be for you. Guys who might need to be clued in on the telltale signs of their girlfriend’s psycho-ish behavior are the ones who need to really delve into this list.

“Psycho,” at least in this article, just means the general expression of being creepier than most girlfriends. It means that a “psycho girlfriend” is someone who is extremely clingy, needy, and probably a bit unstable. In short, she’ll make your life hell.

The giveaways of a crazy girlfriend
Like in movies, victims of psychopaths usually don’t see it coming. But just like in movies, it really is obvious when you come to think about it.

#1 She watches you when you sleep. You’ve probably woken to her staring at you adorably while you were sleeping. Sure, it’s cute and sweet, but if she does it every time you sleep, then be warned, my man! They might just likely be a bit too into you, if you get my meaning.
Those girls are usually the type to not only watch you sleep, but they actually might be keeping a close eye on you wherever you go. It could either be that they have spies, or they can just stalk you in ways than you can’t think of. Think: social media, hidden tracking devices, and a host of ingenious spy gadgets that will put James Bond to shame.

#2 She reads your texts. She probably reads all your email, snail mail, and even work email too! When you try to talk of boundaries, she either manipulates you by crying, storming out, being all hurt, or doing the silent treatment on you. Dude, be warned! If you let her get her way just because you want to avoid her tears, her scorn, or causing her pain, she’ll be prying into more than just your texts.

#3 She knows all your passwords. Do not trust women who obviously don’t trust you. Why would anyone in their right mind need the password to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? She may not be full on psycho yet, but wait until she sees a random post from one of your female friends being all friendly with you. You’ll get the psycho then, trust me.

#4 She hangs out with you and your buddies every single time. It might seem like she’s one of the guys, at first. She’d be all cool and funny, and she’ll get along with your boys. But the moment you go out with the gang without asking her to come with, she gets into suspicious girlfriend mode.
The suspicious girlfriend mode is when she asks you if there are other girls with you, and if you say no, she probably won’t believe you. She’ll cry, make you feel bad, and eventually, you would have to bring her along just so she feels safe. Wrong move. You have just been manipulated – which brings us to number 5…

#5 She is very subtly manipulative. She knows the tricks, because she uses them all the time. She can manipulate you into any situation she wants. All she needs is a little bit of a teary-eyed face, a bit of a pout, a well-timed “special occasion,” and she has you in her pocket.
Have you ever wanted to go to an all-men weekend trip, but at the last minute, she calls and tells you she’s sick? She’s going to be like “oh, don’t mind me, I’ll be fine,” and “try” to put on a brave face for you. All along, she knows that by mentioning that right before your long-planned trip with the boys, you’ll be faced with a dilemma: Will you go out with the boys like you had originally planned or will you leave your poor, sick girlfriend all alone as she suffers through her sickness?
If you pick your girl, congratulations, you have just been manipulated.

#6 She calls in to “check on you” in the middle of the night. She calls in all hours of the night, when she knows you should be asleep, just to “check if you’re okay.” Nope, she’s just making sure you really were asleep and not over the phone with another girl or going on a night out that you “failed” to mention to her. Do you really need such a paranoid person to be your partner?

#7 She texts you using different numbers pretending to be a different girl, just to see if you’d take the bait. The only people who do this are either unstable or in denial. This is actually one of the most obvious signs that you’re dating a girl who may not be completely right in the head. Sure, she’d try to pass it up as some sort of a joke. And being the trusting guy that you are, you actually believe her.
Has she done this to you? Multiple times? Ding-ding-ding, you got yourself a psycho partner, buddy.

#8 She’s on a first name basis with your parents – and she texts them regularly. That sounds normal, right? Sure, if you’re about to be married! But is it really normal when you’ve only been dating for a few weeks? Your clue here would be if she off handedly mentions your mother mentioning something to her, like it was a normal day-to-day occurrence. Sure, it’s sweet, but creepy as hell.

#9 You always catch her looking at you from behind your back when you think you’re alone. Now this might be looks of love, longing, or fondness. This makes your heart just skip a beat, doesn’t it? But how long has she been standing there, staring at you while you were on the computer? How long has she been eyeing you from behind while you were talking on the phone? Yep, she seems like she’s got a pretty obvious stalker streak.
Observe her yourself. Maybe pretend you didn’t notice her staring. If she does this constantly, then get a little bit more freaked out.

#10 She’s Facebook friends with almost half your college class… and she’s never met any one of them. A healthy dose of friendliness never gets anyone into trouble, right? Sure, you’ve seen her commenting on how cute your college roommate’s newborn baby is. But why is she friends with the class president you barely hung out with? Why does she need to be exchanging pokes with your college crush? Why does she feel the need to add every person you have on your friends list? Psycho alert!

#11 She posts statuses pretending to be you on your social media accounts without your knowledge. This excludes little prank status updates like “[Name of girlfriend] is the most awesome human being on the planet!!!] Now, this doesn’t entirely mean she’s a psycho, she just might be clingy. Do you really want that?
Are you okay with her changing your profile picture to her own face? Are you really entirely okay with her actually posting a sweet poem to herself from your own profile and pretending it was you who wrote it? Are you 100% fine with her using your account to like her own posts? Does it really not give you pause?
I don’t have anything against you guys who love your girlfriends enough to not be bothered with any of the above points. In fact, I give you credit for it! But for the guys who may still be a bit clueless, then this could serve as a little warning and wake up call. There are a lot of decent guys out there who should be with ladies who won’t wreak havoc on your mental and emotional health.
So guys, if you are already reading this, then you might already have a big reason to suspect your girlfriend of being a little psycho. It doesn’t mean you should get rid of her! This is just to help you sort out your own feelings of doubt!

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